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Library Home Page, Citation Guides, Tutorials and Study Skills: General Library Information

Library webpage, general information, access links, MLA APA Bibliography and cite builder and study skills

Library Staff

Ramona DeAngelus- Director of Library Services
Joy Hall: Librarian

Amy Clark: Librarian

Mary Cate: Evening Library Assistant

Linda Wood: Evening Librarian

Pam Forshey: Evening Library Assistant

Contact Us

Library staff can be reached at the following phone numbers:

828-652-0604 (Library phone)

828-652-0684 (Director of Library Services)




Library Hours

8 AM to 7 PM Monday-Thursday

8 AM to 1 PM Friday

Closed Weekends


Semester breaks

8 AM to 5 PM  Monday-Thursday

8 AM to 1PM Friday

Closed Fridays during the Summer Semester



Mission Statement and Policies

Mission Statement

The mission of McDowell Technical Community College's Library is - SERVICE. Library Services is presently comprised of the Library, audiovisual/video equipment and materials, and electronic resources. The Library, within budgetary limitations, strives to support the curriculum of the college and to enhance the teaching/learning process for students, faculty and the local community.



1.     The library is a study area in which reasonable quiet is essential.

2.     The MTCC Library is available for use by all citizens of McDowell County. In order to check out books and/or materials, one must be 18 years of age and live in McDowell County, a student of McDowell Early College, or at least 16 years of age and a student at MTCC.

3.     Each patron will be issued a library card for free. There is a charge for replacement cards.

4.     Each borrower is responsible for the proper use and safety of all library materials charged to his or her name. Normal book checkout is 2-3 weeks. First time users may only check out three books. DO NOT LOAN YOUR CARD TO ANOTHER STUDENT.

5.     Overdue fines are charged for each weekday beyond the due date (located in the back of the book). When a book is overdue, a notice will be sent as a courtesy. Failure to receive one will not be considered reason for cancellation of fines. ALL FINES MUST BE PAID BEFORE THE STUDENT IS ALLOWED TO REGISTER, GRADUATE, OR RECEIVE TRANSCRIPTS.

6.     Books may be renewed if there is not a hold placed on them by another patron.


Remote Access

To use NC LIVE, SIRS, or Facts on File, patrons may come to the Library to receive a library card and to sign Internet Agreement Forms. Ask the librarian for the off-site password at this time. Access is also available through distance learning (Blackboard and Moodle).  The card catalog is accessible for browsing, but books are available for checkout only at the library.

Interlibrary Loan

Patrons must have a current library card and no fines or history of late fees to request books from other libraries. Submit the Author and Title information to the circulation desk, or by email, to the Coordinator of Library Services. This process takes 2 days to 2 weeks, depending on availability. Books must be picked up at the circulation desk when available.




Library Handbook


Everything you could want to know about our library, the Dewey Decimal System, and all of the resources we have to offer!